We'd like to give a huge shout out to Jay and Goudreau & Sons. Jay was patient and made the process of buying our first cart stress-free and fun! We highly recommend this business. Take your stimulus check and get one for yourself! Thanks, Jay!

Lisa T.

We didn't buy anything but our experience with Jay of Goudreau & Sons was unbelievably positive. Jay was delivering a cart to a neighbor here in our campground in NH. We have been having issues with our cart and asked Jay if he could take a quick look before he headed back to Maine. His advice was extremely helpful. In fact we called Jay a couple more times over the days and he helped us sort things out. Great service and we are not even a customer!

David N.

We have rented from Goudreau's for the past two years for one of our organizations marquee events and the service and quality of product has been amazing! Highly recommend.

Michael S.

Rented a 6-person Yamaha EFI for a wedding at our home. Easy in and out service and a great cart. Will be purchasing a cart from them in future.

Matthew F.

Nice selection in almost every style and price range. We were able to find a nice cart for half the cost of new. Waiting to go pick it up when they call it's ready.

Jim H.